If you’re new variant of the No-Limit you must take care professionals who take to minimize losses and maximize the victories.
In today intended to illustrate the classic beginner mistakes you can avoid by following our suggestions.

1) misinterpret the table.

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is to misinterpret the table, it takes about 5 seconds to understand the value of playing cards, without haste to take the time to understand what you go to meet at least initially, once we have done the hand you can go shipped.

2) Make stupid bluff.

If you are not able to make the bluff and especially games with professionals avoid bluffing because you might lose the victory. Do not go into an alley with no way out only bluffing when you’re sure to win the pot.

3) overestimate

Is a serious overestimate of errors during a poker game unless you play with amateurs, but if you do not know your opponent learns to do it before you run out of money because they overestimated how you least expect it.

4) to call at the wrong time.

The only advice is that you take the time to think, a hasty move could cost the game, if you are playing in a room online you have a max of 10 seconds to think usually if it’s a real game and there are preset rules reasoned calmly.

5) Get married with hands

Do not fail your paper, Study him carefully even if they seem to remember that the TOP cè always someone who has the best winning hand percu if not avoid collapsing onto the plate.