Flavio Ferrari Zumbini, one of the most famous Italian in the poker world has decided to abandon Full Tilt Poker through an official statement issued on Facebook.

From now on my term in an official relationship with Full Tilt.

Full Tilt until recently was a company leader, fun, with a unique software and the best team of all time, now risks being remembered only as the biggest scam in the history of poker. I hope, but I’m sure, that the Authority proceed against those responsible for this huge disaster for the world of poker, but mostly I hope that all players retrieve the soldi.Non pay is an embezzlement, which is a serious crime.

Good Luck to new owners.

In short, apparently when the boat sinks crew members prefer to find a lifeboat, which sank with it, many have been criticizing Flavio for his choice, others support him, but in both cases the well-known player has decided to continue with his choice.

In the same situation there is also Alessio Isaia while Mario Adinolfi think I’ve found a new home at 1128 with whom he signed a sponsorship deal