Welcome pokerbandits, here we talk about it to Full Tilt and its problems, for those whodo not know FullTilt is a famous poker room that March was forced to close its doorsand start the lawsuit, accused of failing to pay taxes.
The question now is where is gone the money to charity were to be offered by Full Tilt?In the past several times gave way to the charities, promising that the proceeds fromdonations, or other tournament was donated to the victims affected by earthquakes such as occurred in Japan.

Recently, after extensive research, it seems that the funds have not arrived at their destination, in fact a scam and pretty good players who did not receive their winnings,unpaid taxes, and now this! If the news is true and after a specific check from the Red Cross so it turns out that these funds were not donated, Full Tilt will be in a sea of ​​blackblacker than that in which it is now.