Pocket Kings Ltd, a well known company, affiliated with Full Tilt has announced through a press release that we present in the article and a statement, the intention of helping the famous poker rooms out of the unpleasant situation that has recently ended. 

For those who do not know, Full Tilt Poker has been accused of failing to pay certain taxes and for this the poker room accounts have been frozen, so that all his players they can not get the money back, let alone use it to play. For this reason the company, an affiliate of Full Tilt has decided to make room for new investors!

“We need motivated people, donors, investors can actually put on staff to help out Full Tilt is over the situation in which, as we say one hand washes the other and both wash the face”

Official Press Release:

The August 16 Irish society Pocket Kings Ltd, executor of the Full Tilt Poker brand, has entered into exclusive negotiations period with the current potential investor.

Although Pocket Kings Ltd plans to continue negotiations with the current investor, the company began to negotiate with other potential investors to conclude the sale or partnership of Full Tilt Poker brand and all assets related to it.

Full Tilt Poker apologizes for the lack of communication with customers in the past month and a half, but is struggling with unexpected and complex legal and financial difficulties arose because of Black Friday and the subsequent problems. In addition, the company has had to maintain caution in revealing the progress of negotiations with potential investors, since there is often a strict confidentiality clause in the negotiations.

Full Tilt Poker will try to maintain better communication with customers in the future, to the extent that this will not affect future opportunities. The first priority of Full Tilt Poker remains the same: to ensure an injection of capital to repay all customers worldwide.