Welcome pokerbandits, if you’re a poker player you will appreciate this article in which we want to talk about a poker game available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Texas Cheat’em is his name, game based on Bluf, the aim is to win games by usingone of the many techniques available. The game comes with a detailed and intuitivegraphical interface, numerous environments, unlockable objectives and much more all at a cost of 800 Microsoft points.

For those who do not know, every 500 points is about 6 € so we can say that the total price of this arcade around 10 €, if you want to learn the techniques used in blues,then this is the one that Arcade is for you.

Despite being available only in English is very simple, the screen is divided into:

Points table located on the right
Number of tricks available on the right
Graph to play on the left
Game table with pictures of the avatars with name and score on the central part

As always there is a free trial version.