As you may know, there are several poker online rooms that let player across the world play them favourite type of poker in tournaments with real money (and so, real loss, but also real earnings!). One of the most popular and probably better known poker room is called Titan Poker. This poker room won the “Gambling Online Magazine’s Gold Award” for the best online poker service in the past years. Let’s see what it’s about.

As already said, Titan Poker is one of the most played and popular poker room in the world. The are jackpots of 15 millions of dollars for the tournaments and “Sits and Go” with high stakes. Anyway, the best feature of this poker room is probably its player assistance (in a variety of languages, so that no one will have to speak a different idioma).

With Titan Poker, you will be able to play the most known type of pokers, such as Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and Stud poker. There is also an all section dedicated to the newbies. If you don’t know, poker rooms use a software that players can download to play their games, and without having to load web pages, faster. In this case, the software is really easy and fast to install, and also really lightweight. From this application, directly from your desktop, you will be able to use a Search function to simplify the process of game-searching. You’ll have to enter just your e-mail address to use it.

User must deposit at least 20 bucks, with a chance to earn a “Reload Bonus” offered by the service. There is also a rich subscription bonus for the new users, for a max of 600$ (you must use this code, while registering: “ITL500″). Titan Poker accepts the most known credit cards and transactions are secure.