Stud poker, as we already said in other articles, is a variant of poker where every player is dealt face-up and face-down cards. One of the form of this type of poker is the Seven-card stud. It was the most popular poker variation in the United States and casinos, before the great success of the Texas Hold’Em.

In the Seven-card stud there are no blinds. Instead, each player must ante (in casinos, is also used a bring-in, a forced bet after the cards are dealt). After the ante, each player receive three cards (one face-up and two face-down). The player with the lowest card must pay the bring-in (if no bring-in is used, then the first bet must be done by the highest card owner). Then, the betting round continues clockwise.

Before the second betting round, another upcard is dealt to each  player (Fourth Street). The second betting round starts from the player who is showing the best poker hand. Then there are the fifth (Fifth Street) and sixth (Sixth Street) cards and they follow the same rules as the fourth.

The last card is dealt face-down (Seventh Street) and the player with the best poker hand starts betting. If other players are still in the game, there will be a showdown and the best five card hand will win the game.

Seven-card stud can be played with a max of eight players. Giving that seven cards are dealt to eight players and four are “burned” (the burn card is a discarded card), it may happen that the dealer runs out of cards. In this situation, the last available card will be dealt in the center of the table and used as a community card.