The Razz Poker is one of the form of stud poker (a particular type of poker in which every player receive face-up and face-down cards). In fact, this form of poker is very similiar to the Seven-Card Stud, but, the best hand ranks are the usually lowest in classic poker. Let’s find out more about Razz Poker.

Usually, Razz Poker is played with the “ace-to-five low” (you can find out more about lowball poker in this article) so the aces will always be a low card. Every players own seven cards and must do the lowest five-card hand possible to win the game.

The best hand-rank in Razz Poker is 5-4-3-2-A (also known as 5 high, or “the wheel”), it’s usually played with a max of eight people and with a limit betting (every player can bet just a fixed amount). At the beginning of every game, each player is dealt with two face-down (called “hole cards“) and one face-up (the “door card“) cards. The highest door card has to bet first (spades are the highest, followed by hearts, diamonds and clubs).

The game will the continue clockwise from the highest door card. After the first round of bet, players receives another face-up card, but this time the bet will start from the lowest HAND showing. The game continue normally until the fifth card comes, and the betting will be doubled.

When the Razz Poker is played by eight players, it may happen that the dealer runs out of cards. In this situation, the last card will be dealed in the center of the table, facing up. That one card will be part of everyone’s hand. This is the only situation in which the Razz Poker has a community card.